Story Time: Law Class

OK. So I’m currently in high school and I’m taking a law class and my teacher has this thing where every Friday is a “hot topic Friday” which is where he splits the class in two groups and he comes up with an argument like the first week we did was “should marijuana be legalized?” And then the two group basically battle it out. One group for it the other against, so this Friday the groups were boys vs girls and the topic was “should abortion be banned from Canada?” Girls were against, boy were for it. So we’re coming up with arguments and backing up our info and then we get started. One group says their first statement the the other group says theirs and we go back and forth until we reach three arguments each with time to rebuttal in between each point.
Anyway, most of the guys were just fooling around the whole time because they were just as much against it as us girls were so, with only one guy actually participating and of course the girls were all for it, we were going full feminist on them. And then…and then we get to the end and the guys last point was the different options you could do to not get pregnant and therefore not need an abortion like abstinence or condoms and birth control pills and all us girls were quietly sitting there (because you can’t talk when the other team is talking or else you loose points) and we’re getting so angry because abstinence is OK until you get raped! And then to top it all off the guy starts going on about how if someone is at a party with drugs and alcohol…(and we are all cringing at this point, begging him not to finish the stupid sentence) and he basically says they should expect to be raped! Us girls went crazy with anger and we’re like “it’s never the victims fault!” But what really got me the most was that the rest of the boys were as just upset about it as we were! I was quite proud of them all because in a situation like that you never know what could happen. So, basically my point is, is that I am confident that the youth of today will turn around this society’s(western society, I know there is much more to do concerning the rest of the world) mindset on women and leave us all with a bright future.



This was a little highlight in my day and so I thought I’d share!


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