Necessities For A Concert

I will be going to a twenty one pilots concert next week and I’m so excited so I thought to fit in with the occasion I could write up some things I think one needs for a concert.

  1. A friend: no concert is fun alone
  2. You will need to stay hydrated, so keep some money on you so you can buy some water while you’re there, plus we all know that the second you walk buy the merch display you’re going to turn right back because you just need that adorable top.
  3. Ear plugs. The concerts I’ve been to have been loud, I’ve literally left venues with a massive headache. So if you’re like me and get headaches pretty much on a daily basis, invest in some earplugs!
  4. A playlist, because I live in a very small city most bands don’t come anywhere near me, so when I go to concerts a road trip is usually involved, so a good playlist to get me pumped up for the concert is always good.
  5. Wear layer! The weather outside may be cool but it’s going to get hot during the concert.
  6. Phone/Camera. This could be once in a life time event you gotta capture this moment, but also make sure you’re not watching the entire concert through a screen, make sure you get some time to put the camera away and just enjoy the concert!




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